Amanda Poje

Account Coordinator

SUCCESS IS NO ACCIDENT. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing. -Pele

Throwback Thursday

By definition, Throwback Thursday is a trend among social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wherein users post or repost older photographs with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT.

Today, I am sharing a #TBT of my graduation from the University of Central Florida. This past May I graduated  from the Nicholson School of Communications with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations. I loved my time at UCF and it was bittersweet knowing I wouldn’t be a student anymore. Graduating from college is one of my favorite memories and even though I was sad one journey was ending, I was more excited to start my full-time journey at &Barr! 11237240_1678043885751988_9167385112689689517_o 11187267_1678041202418923_1266532785115560346_o 11187223_1678041935752183_127883324463948359_o


Photo Credit: Lexi Kay Photography


I am sure many people can relate to this article. Who knew a four lettered last name could be so difficult to pronounce? Well it is. Poje is my last name- it is German. It is pronounced POE-GEE. Check out this article and see if any of these struggles of having an impossible name apply to you!

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21 Struggles of Having an Impossible Name

My Friends call me Panda!

When people hear the name Amanda, they can’t help but say “Amanda- Panda”. That is exactly how the nickname “panda”  stuck to me…. along with the fact that I love them because they are cute and fuzzy! I own multiple panda items like this mug that sits comfortably at my desk!

Some fun facts about Pandas:

– Life span in the wild is about 20 years

– Giant pandas are on the brink of extinction, with just over 1,000 pandas left in the world.

– Pandas are pigeon-toed; in other words, they walk with their front paws turned inward.

– Giant panda cubs are usually born in August or September and are the size of a stick of butter.

– The panda spends 14-16 hours a day eating bamboo- (I spend just about the same amount of time eating).

– Giant pandas have 42 teeth.

– Under its fur, the skin of a giant panda is black where its fur is black, and pink where its fur is white.

– Pandas are simply cute! Watch this video and see for yourself!

Awwww <3

Pandas are on the endangered species list. If you would like to help save the pandas, follow this Link and you can donate to the World Wildlife Foundation! #SaveThePanda

panda 2

Bring out the Dancing Lobsters!

What is an appropriate way to celebrate my first blog post? Some dancing lobsters!!! Yes, this is from The Amanda Show which I was obsessed with when I was younger. Very cliche since my name is Amanda but honestly, who didn’t love it?!


About Amanda

Amanda brings a diverse background to the &Barr Client Services team. Before graduating from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations, she completed five internships that gave her experience in media, public relations and client services. Amanda is a liaison for multiple teams within the agency and works on a variety of our accounts such as Experience Kissimmee, Stein Mart and Nemours Children’s Hospital. Amanda joined the &Barr team full- time after serving as an intern and is one of our youngest members. Amanda is a homebody and foodie. When out of the office you can catch her wrapped up on the couch with an episode of Law and Order: SVU and a spicy tuna roll! Amanda is also a member of Ad2.